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Audio Transcription Services Affordable Rates

Audio Transcription & Secretarial Services (ATS) is GST registered. Tax is zero rated for international customers. Our customers are paying for confidential, professional, urgent transcription services. We work as a team to ensure your transcription deadlines are met 100%.

Audio Transcription Services are tailored to suit your needs for excellence of product, service, and delivery; with flexible options, designed to:
  • meet client’s specific needs,
  • meet client’s budgets,
  • leveraging their time by utilizing ours.
ATS’s services are not unattainable because of budget; we are approachable.

"Fast turn-around, accurate and competitive with pricing"
~Jo Bailey, PhD candidate - Western Sydney University

We charge for our time, including assessments of your recordings for fixed quotes, downloading x amount of recordings and having to convert them from You Tube video links, from any format that is not compatible. Everything takes time. Thank you for valuing our time, as you do your own.

$45 per hour of transcription time
That is FOUR (4) HOURS TO TRANSCRIBE ONE (1) HOUR OF clear audio and speech, intelligent verbatim, two (2)people. Anything other than straight transcription, will take longer. You must make your requirements clear when placing order, before pricing is quoted.

$40 per hour of transcription time
Same as the above ratio, for unemployed students, staff, seniors.

Medical Transcription Services
$70 per hour of transcription time. We charge for our time for lengthy, detailed, and special requirement reports. For shorter reports, we charge a one-off fee at our discretion.

Legal Transcription Services
$70 per hour of our time for clear audio and speech, for all work carried out; especially for lengthy dictations, recordings, documentation. Dictations can also include memos, emails, letters, etc. For short one-off dictations,$30. We will advise upon receipt, and assessment, of the same.

Afterhours-weekend rates
$70 per hour of transcript time for afterhours, weekends, public holidays, and fast-tracking orders. You can reach ATS 24/7 via email. We will respond as soon as possible.

$75 per hour of transcript time for all URGENT/FAST-TRACK orders.

Bulk Discounts/Invoices/Terms
We offer generous discounts for large transcription orders and for orders that are ongoing, regular, over time.
How to place an Order

International Customers
ZERO RATED TAX for all international transcription customers. Discounts for your transcription will still apply depending on volume and size of order. If paying via PayPal, 3.9% PayPal fees will be added to your invoice. After-hours and weekend rates apply. Place your order with ATS today.

Prepaid Transcription Services
Pay for your transcription upfront. Customers make a deposit, we have an excellent transcription logging system detailing all relevant information pertaining to work being carried out, we keep a credit balance until funds have been exhausted. There are no refunds but all discounts apply according to volume and size of order.

Funding Deadlines
We provide an invoicing service for customers who have funding cut-off dates. You need to tell us your transcription requirements and funding amount to be invoiced for prompt payment. You also need to tell us the deadline/end date for transcription (if recordings are provided over a period of time); for no longer than six (6) months. A 100% logging service will be provided, and if the order exceeds funding amount, a new invoice will be issued. If the order falls under, there are no refunds. Customers thank us for this service: ‘’You are doing us a favour, thank you!’’

Proofreading, Editing, and Verbatim Transcription Services - If you require proofreading (word for word); editing of text, grammar, sentence structure; or verbatim transcription, the above rates and discounts apply, per hour of our time.

Māori Projects
We transcribe English content containing many kupu Māori, for Māori projects, Māori research of various content and subject matter; they take longer to transcribe because careful attention is required, including research. We are not fluent in Te Reo Māori. We do our best to stay updated, access resources to improve our knowledge in this area, obtain courses to work on in and out of office hours.

Quotes and Quality
We provide an estimate quote for transcription services based on information provided to us: (1) actual length of recording, (2) quality of recordings, (3) how many people in the recording; and (4) any specific requirements by customer for transcription.

Fixed Quote
If you require a fixed quote for your order, depending on the volume and the quality of your recordings, we CHARGE $35 PER HOUR of our time to: upload, download, convert if necessary; and to assess quality of each recording.

"ATS was highly recommended to me by a Weltec Student. As soon as I contacted them they responded super quick. In 24 hours my video was turned into a Mp3 audio and I had received a very detailed written transcript back by email. Affordable, friendly and excellent transcript service, I can recommend ATS to anybody".
Noelle van Thiel (Student Weltec)
Graduate Diploma in Counselling Practice

How to place an order
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Audio Transcription & Secretarial Services (ATS)

Phone: 646-344-4198 | Mobile: 027-789-4928

Trading Hours: Virtually 24/7. Medical and Legal Transcription Services
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