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ATS provides “tailor-made” transcription services, featuring:
ATS’s services are not unattainable because of budget. We are approachable and willing to work an agreeable arrangement for payment.

Urgent Transcription Services

100% deadlines met, urgent turnaround for transcription services is often required by most customers when placing orders. It matters to them, therefore it matters to us. We work very speedily to ensure excellent product, service and delivery.

"Your work is always spot on and lightning fast, something we value greatly in the quick turnaround world. Many thanks Lenna" - LUX Stills and Small Films

Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription is a specialist field. We have medical transcriptionists who are able to care for your transcription needs. We continually update our skills and learning, as a team; many resources are available to us, and research is a necessity for ongoing personal and professional development. We transcribe psychiatric reports, specialized medical reports for Singapore - cancer and cardiac transcription service. We also transcribe many interviews containing infectious disease terminology, and various medical conditions, containing medical terminology.

"I’ve been checking the article this morning. Your assistant did an amazing job on it, got pretty much every single bit of terminology spot on. It’s great and very much appreciated."

Rosemary Ogilvie, Director

Intelligent, Edited, and Verbatim Transcription Services

We specialize in all areas of transcription services, regardless of content, industry, and subject matter. Customers often require one of the following verbatim services: intelligent verbatim - professional, readable, omitting ums, ahs, interjections, repeat and unnecessary utterances, while preserving main content and essential ingredients of the recording; edited verbatim - providing clean, crisp, intelligent, edited version of transcript, while still preserving the heart of what is being said in a very neat and tidy format; strict verbatim - transcribing every oral utterance, all false starts, ums, ahs, interjections, repeat words/phrases, half words, part words, etc.

Please ask us for a sample transcript of all three styles.

Index Transcription Services

Many customers require key words and key recurring themes that occur throughout transcribed documents. Audio Transcription & Secretarial Services (ATS) provides access to key data of transcripts, we index key words by way of a list in a separate word document, we provide a thematic analysis identifying key words/key themes. If requested we can use a line numbering word document for ease of access to those key words/themes. Customers find this extremely helpful and it saves them time. Still other customers doing PhD research, sometimes require a compilation of identifying key themes from what is transcribed, in relation to relevant research questions requiring specific data/information to assist with their analysis.

Business Transcription Services

We transcribe a wide range of business transcription for customers nationwide and worldwide, including a wide variety of subject matter. Business transcriptions of interviews, meetings, seminars, speeches, board meetings, focus and research groups, leadership transcriptions, conference calls. Check our rates and bulk discounts.

"Thank you so much Lenna, I love how fast you are" - Angela Barnett

Research Transcription Services

We transcribe large volumes of recordings for various universities and educational facilities who are conducting research projects throughout the country. Audio Transcription & Secretarial Services (ATS) is an Approved Vendor in several universities throughout New Zealand. Your bulk orders come with bulk discounts.

"Lenna is the 4th transcriber I have tried during my research process and she has provided me with the most accurate transcription. I have already reviewed the audio file and done my analysis; because it was virtually perfect transcription I was able to concentrate on the content and not on having to correct errors. I am very pleased. Thank you." - Joy Panoho, Management Dept. Massey University

Māori Projects

Transcription services for Māori research, hui, hearings, council meetings. Though we do not transcribe Māori to English, we do transcribe and handle Māori projects in English containing many kupu Māori. We have transcribed for many Māori Providers.

"It is such a huge relief that you know Maori words and terms. I fully believe I would have had more work editing if I had got someone here to transcribe" - Tui, Te Wānanga o Aotearoa

"Not only have you provided a quick turnaround of the interviews but the transcripts are professionally done and are a clear and accurate record of the audio recordings. There was quite a bit of Maori language in the audio and this has been transcribed correctly in all of the interviews" - Naomi Simmonds, Te Whare Wānanga o Waikato

Reference Checks Transcription Services

We transcribe a great deal of reference checks which customers often require urgently. Reference check transcription requires excellent listening, typing and editing skills.

“What a wonderful job you did with the last reference, it reads perfectly. I believe the reference was quite hard to hear as well, the consultant can’t believe it! And very efficient as always too. Thank you so much on behalf” - L. Matich

"I have to say that you do a fantastic job on all references, your service is exceptional - thanks so much for your help" - Jane Carolan, Senior Consultant farrowjamieson

Oral History Transcription Services

Oral history transcription is a much-needed service for many. It is a privilege to be entrusted with the stories of people's lives, from the beginning to this day. Customers like to gather old books, notes, letters, tapes, recordings, conduct interviews, and have them transcribed for a book, or just to have a written record and account of all their families and loved ones that may have passed. We specialise in transcribing an accurate account of everything spoken.

Legal Transcription Services

Professional legal transcription services for all of your correspondence, copy typing and legal documentation. Experience with the criminal justice and legal system. Perusing legal documents and correspondence, creating and drafting notices, agreements, letters of correspondence, with relevant information provided by customer.

"It is always reassuring to know that Lenna will be available to help me with the following services with precision and promptness: legal transcription services, proofreading, editing and reviewing documents, drafting legal documents (termination notices), secretarial services" - Francois Beghin, Avocat au Barreau de Bruxelles

Voice to Text Transcription Services

We convert all sound, digital, audio files to text. We call it "voice to text" - anything you write or speak, we transcribe. Voice to text transcription is a skilled art which we possess here at Audio Transcription Services. We even provide micro-cassette transcription services. We delight in delivering an excellent product and service to all of our customers.
Place your voice to text order now.

"That's fantastic thanks Lenna. We are very busy so appreciate your high quality mahi and the quick turn around. Nga mihi" - Rebecca

Transcription Services' Accents

Accurate Audio Transcription Services (ATS) meets the needs of customers all around the world, and has transcribed the following accents spoken in English: New Zealand Maori, Samoan, Cook Island, UK, USA (different region accents), Australian, Filipino, Jamaican, Dutch, Chinese, Islamic, Columbian, German, Danish, Polish, Canadian, Scottish, England, Belgium (French), Icelandic, Swedish, Middle East, Rwandan, Malaysian, Sri Lankan, Indian.

"Many thanks for the very thorough work you and your team accomplished. I believe it was not an easy task taking into account the scope of the international meeting, 40+ different accents and the transcription based on video files. The quality of the final outcome (85 pages) is superb. It was a pleasure to work with you and your team" - Bruno Marques, International Federation of Landscape Architects


Often customers have, tucked away, micro or standard size cassette tapes, with valuable content recorded some time ago. If the quality of the recordings are clear, they can be transcribed with ease. They can also be converted by a service provider, to a digital file format, MP3, for instance; which would make for a clearer quality of recording and transcription.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Audio Transcription & Secretarial Services (ATS) takes all measures to ensure that customer confidentiality is upheld and maintained. We sign confidentiality agreements, we delete and remove all manner of correspondence, information, and transcripts, if requested to do so by customer. Nothing is shared or discussed with anyone other than those to whom the customer has entrusted their work to. We count it a privilege to be entrusted with confidential material.

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