Building a Business against the Odds – Determined to Succeed

If you read the previous blog, parts 1-3 “DO IT”, it naturally follows on to share in the midst of the storm, the challenges, the obstacles, the fear, the many “you can’t do it”, to tell you how you can build a business against the odds, and be determined to succeed!

In 2006 I had a change of career. I no longer wanted to be in the profession I was in, it was that time to move on and find out more about who I was, what I wanted to do in life, and how on earth I was going to accomplish it.

Unemployed, at home, on a benefit, in debt to my neck, and frustrated with it. Low self-esteem and a lot of frustration to add to the mix. I knew enough to know in life that regardless of the circumstances, if you desire to step out and change them, you can. It is a natural progression that when you make a choice, you also make a change. Hopefully for the best.

I was so bored being at home not working, not doing anything with my time. Always had a hunger and thirst for knowledge, to learn, to teach and encourage, to read, study and apply; to face challenges - without running, for a change!

My number one strategy, unknown to me at the time was: create a little debt to get out of debt.

I went and got a new computer some years ago, nothing flash then, but it was new and it did the trick. I entered the internet age of whamming, scamming, spamming, and insane hype! I typed into Google search: work from home, make money from home, earn income at home, etc. What a joke!

We shifted house and I grew weary of my circumstances. I searched here there and everywhere to find work, determined to find a real job that would pay. I had over 30 years background in typing, admin, teaching, counselling, leadership, preaching, training; and I had years of study and research, and certificates.

But my number one fear: afraid to succeed - unbelief

I was looking everywhere but -inside. The answers lay within me, the author of my search. I already had 30+ years’ experience, I had skills, talents, abilities, so why not use them. I decided to take a leap of faith and contact a typing/transcription business online. I didn’t know much about spamming etc., but I approached from the angle of telling them who I was and “If I can be of assistance I would be glad to help”. That is my motto today for business, always: “Let me know if we can be of assistance to you and your team”.

I was offered work right away; given instruction of what equipment I needed. I was on a Benefit and was able to apply for assistance to obtain a transcription kit. I had my appointment and within 3-5 days of purchasing, my equipment had arrived and I was good to go. I had no idea what I was doing. It was all trial and error.

I started work and I got paid - real money! It didn’t seem like much and it seem to take me forever to earn so little. But I am one of those annoying, “gotta get it right” people!

I decided to take another leap of faith and contact another business, this time a transcription business. I got a response and the lady and I exchanged about 50 email that night, to and fro, back and forth. I was most fortunate. Marie kind of mentored me and gave it to me straight. She sent me my first copy typing assignment, I was so nervous. What should have taken me five minutes or more, took me nearly an hour! I sent it back and she said, “Invoice me.” I did, too shy to put too much down, I invoiced her for half an hour, $20. To which she replied, “You invoice me for the full hour, $40! You’re worth more than that so you better start believing it!!”

Love those straight-talkers!

I did lots of work for her. After the first few days she said to me: “Get a website.” I said, “Hell no.” “Why not?” “I'm too scared, what if people start contacting me?” She said, “That’s what you bloody want!” “I won't know what to do.” “I will build your website to help you get started.”

Wow! To this day she still sends big customers my way because she is always busy. I am grateful to Marie and thank her for getting me started in business.

Where are all the “against the odds”?

Well, remember, from the last blog post; I had the most challenging time in my journey health-wise, and unbelief in myself, but obviously sufficient to determine to do something with my life. Fear was a factor for me all my life, fear of anything, anyone and everything! What a bleak outlook.

Fear to step out into the world, fear to let people see what I had become: massive weight gain, massive hernia, what looked like a transformation for the worst. Fear of making something of my life in case I couldn’t do it. Fear of putting myself out there. I remember reading Susan Jeffer’s book: Feel the Fear and do it Anyway. I doubt it. I wasn’t ready for that. I did everything I could to avoid feeling any fear, especially that one.

I remember also in my days of training and practicing as a Counsellor; talking about fear. It appeared like this as an acronym:

F.E.A.R. - fear is false evidence appearing real. Many dispute that and say to believe that is to negate one’s healthy emotion of experiencing and feeling fear. I don’t waste time debating over such. I can handle it as it is. The false evidence bit to me simply means:

The thing we hang on to and fear the most is false, because if we truly believe that we are okay and can accomplish anything we set our minds to, that thing we feared is - like a friend once said to me - is like a lion, when confronted, becomes a purring kitten; like a tissue paper that blows away.

The way I see it; we choose to believe a lie or we choose to believe the truth - my truth is mine, not anyone else’s. I have to arrive at it for myself and in my own time and way.

Life is filled with family, friends, and people everywhere you go. Things happen, life throws many curve balls at the most unexpected and unwanted times.

Building a Business against the Odds – Determined to Succeed. Part 2

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