“What’s in a Handshake?”

So far it has been a smooth process switching from copper to fibre. Talk about fast - it really is fast! Downloads, uploads, whatever loads - are so much faster. That's a big deal to me in my business when I am sending/receiving customer audio recordings.

The last part of the process was to have a technician come out and 'cut' the copper wire so that my landline would be good to go on any of the phone jacks in the house.

The technician that was booked to come out between 2-4 pm yesterday afternoon, rang early, and asked, "Are you at work?" - thinking I worked out of the home. I said, "Yes, I work at home, in my home office." He said, "Is it okay if I come now?" "Sure thing" I replied. "Thanks very much, I'm on my way."

I met him at the door, I was instantly greeted with a big smile and handshake. "My name is Peter, pleased to meet you", with his hand extended to shake mine. He was a young man with a big heart and a warm smile. He won me over instantly. You mean to say, a handshake can do that? Yep!

He had everything sorted in a 'jiff'. Before leaving, he came into my office and said, "All done" while extending his hand to mine to shake it... again? That's right - greeted with a handshake and departed with one. I was absolutely delighted to have met someone like Peter who absolutely had customer service 'down pat', not because he was taught it in business, but I could see it was who he is. It was in his character and personality.

As he left, I said, "I hope they pay you well!" To which, he humbly replied (with a smile) and said, "Enough to keep the wife happy!"

"Bye Peter, thank you very much."

What's in a handshake... indeed!

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