“Don’t be so hard on yourself”


I love that song by Jess Glynne. I think she wrote it for me! I used to hear those words all the time, back in the day - not so much now, but its voice can still be heard. “You’re too hard on yourself Lenna”, “Don’t be so hard on yourself Lenna”, “What you're doing is okay”, “Lighten up on yourself”.

Of course there are reasons why that is-was-fading away! It has everything to do with our upbringing and what was expected of us; how we learned to react to certain people, situations, and awkward events.

It has everything to do with self-esteem and how one sees themselves, and what they believe about themselves. But let's not get all psychodyamic about it, it is what it is; we’re old enough now to recognize, understand, and deal with it. If I wrote a song about it I would probably call it:

“Get over yourself” - you are your biggest obstacle!

One of the ‘several’ things I wanted to change from last year (2015) into this new year was; I want to take better care of myself in terms of:

Keep up with my gym x3 days a week, and if I faulter, keep going back.
Keep up with visiting my mentor/best mate x2 a week at 7:30 - 8:30 am.
Keep saying no to SOPs when I need to.
No matter how busy I get with work, make sure I stop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I am imperfect, but I have been doing all of the above. As I was driving home from the gym the other morning a lovely feeling came over me and my inner voice said:

Don’t be so hard on yourself, you're doing good, you've made a change - even if its just one little thing, you have done it!

That was a damn good feeling. My thoughts went straight to the last bullet point: no matter how busy I get with work, make sure I stop for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Glad to say, I have been.

It felt good and comforting and reassuring to know the difference one little change makes.

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