"Okay, let's do it"

Customer Service

When engaging with a new potential customer, a transaction takes place: both parties communicate about what the customer wants and needs, deadlines, specific requirements, and everything pertaining to an order being placed, to the hopeful expectation of those needs being met, and delivered on time.

You might get asked questions you never thought would be asked of you:

Are you ready? Are you responsive? Do you know your product and service inside out? Are you who you say you are?

I encountered this experience recently, was put on the spot and asked: "I've got x amount hours of audio, I need it within the next few days. Can you do it?” I don’t have time to hum and har, and think about it, or say to the customer: “I’ll get back to you and let you know as soon as possible.” I don’t have time to not be sure of myself, or to not know or understand me, my business, my team, our products and services - or not. There isn't time. What do you say?

“Yes, we can do it. Glad to assist, your deadline noted.” Customer’s response was, “Okay, let’s do it.”

We delivered it the next morning. The following is the response we received:

“Thanks Lenna! You seem to have done very well and with speed. You came well-recommended by my colleagues in the Centre for Sustainability and now I can see why” – Henrik Moller (Director) Ecosystems Consultants

What a marvelous feeling. To be able to engage with a potential customer in a way that you receive the first response: “Okay, let’s do it,” and then when the job is done well within deadline time, to get the above feedback; to me, is a great accomplishment. The kind of experience we hope to have with all potential customers.

Remember, if you are a business owner, you have a duty to:

If you want to hear the words “okay let's do it”, and if you want to receive excellent feedback; remember:

Taking care of yourself and your team, is to take excellent care of your customers. What matters to them, matters to us.

Lenna K. Millar (Director)
Audio Transcription & Secretarial Services (ATS)

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