What kind of advert are you in the public eye?

advert are you in the public eye

Some people might look at me and think ‘she’s no business owner, well, she doesn’t look like one’. You could be standing next to Joe Blog in the street or in a shop, and they could be a millionaire, they could own a corporate business; what would we know?

We encounter people every single day everywhere we go, everything we do, someone is always there. Who are they? I don’t know. Who are we? Do they know?

I am flawed almost every time I go into town, to the shops, to an appointment, wherever. Famous ‘race-car drivers’ in those merging lanes thinking they’re on a race track! Business owners proudly advertising their business name, logo, and contact details - speeding, running red lights, pulling out in front of you; oh and yeah, at the lights when they have to give-way to oncoming traffic and when they are making the right turn - they think they are in a racing car that has super powers to beat the car they're supposed to give way to!

I had to head out this morning to the Couriers, I saw a business owner-van pull in to the driveway to the couriers, which allowed for at least a two-car space, but he decided in that instance that he was king of the driveway/carpark, and parked on an angle that took up both parks. I tooted my horn. So what? Kept walking in to the courier office. I had a very narrow and awkward turn into the driveway to try and secure another park, on a completely different angle.

I got in the office, he looked at me and I said, “Not a very good way to park mate.” To which he replied, “Why, you got plenty of room.” I said, “No, you parked on an angle and blocked other cars from parking in the driveway.” “Too bad,” he said, “You’ve got enough room.” I told him I would take the name of his business, contact, and number plate, to which he replied with brilliance, “You do that and I will take yours.”

Sound familiar, we used to share ping-pong transactions like that when we were kids! One difference, I said to him, “You can take my number plate, I am parked legally and considerately.” I stood outside while he watched and took down his details. The unfortunate thing is he doesn’t have a website, and oh… he is the owner! If he were to read this, I do not think he would have the brain capacity to absorb the message! I thought to myself ‘Great advert for your business mate!’

Something to think about, if you dare:

What right do you have to call yourself a business owner if you do not know how to treat people on the street, in a shop, in a carpark, anywhere and everywhere? That shouldn’t-be-a-business-owner (in my opinion) didn’t know me from a bar of soap, or know that I too am a fellow business owner, in the same town (I was wearing my shorts, tee, and thongs).

Have a great week, success as you encounter others in all kinds of situations ☺

Lenna K. Millar (Director)
Audio Transcription & Secretarial Services (ATS)

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