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Are you really paying attention?

“You’re fine, you’re right”, says a young mother (at MacDonald’s Park) to her very young child, while looking intently at her cell phone, texting, face-booking, whatever! I was with my daughter-in-law (a young mum) and we felt like telling her, “Oi, try looking at your child when you say it!” She didn’t see that an older kid accidentally swipes her child across the side of her head when coming off the slide.

We are vigilant with my 28-month old granddaughter. Very protective. She's a dear little soul, full of life, play and wonder. She can hold her own too if she needs to! The older kids were a bit too rough. Never mind the notice: “This park is for children of 3 years and under”. I decided to report it to management as it was putting the littlies at risk and that just won't do!

Management came out - and why doesn’t it surprise me? - got a lame response: “Oh well, that sign is correct but we do allow older children if they are supervised by their parents!” The mother of some of the bigger, boisterous, older (good) kids, was inside waiting for an order while the kids played. Other parents were on their devices.

I think about things like that, and being a business owner, I wonder how it applies in a business context. Here’s what I came up with:
Last of all but not least:
Are you really paying attention?

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