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We’re in business and we deal with people every day: phone calls, texts, emails, chats, Skype - all manner of correspondence and communication. It’s what we do. It’s what keeps the wheels turning.

We have great experiences, and some, not so great. We ‘head down and you-know-what, up, and get on with it.

Sometimes we encounter people (even in the same industry) who just want to be nosy and find out stuff that’s none of their business, instead of just getting straight to the point, they beat about the bush - I think they call it ‘deception’, and ‘manipulation’, or at least they try to, in the hope that you don’t have much clout!

But often, we get caught off guard: time has passed, time supposedly heals, we’re busy getting on with the day to day functioning and management of our business. We answer the phone, “Oh, hi, haven’t heard from you in a while. How can I help?” (They wanted to pick my brain). You do this remembering your previous (past) encounter that wasn’t so pleasant, the one where you gave them the flick and filed them away as: “Have nothing to do with, not worthy of my business, talent, or time”.

But you want to give people the benefit of the doubt and just think positive, and hope for a positive experience this time. No worries, that was easy. Months pass, and they want your business again.

I love to knit and crochet, have taken it up again after many years. I've got this nickname: knitwit.

Well, I was a real kNITWIT - without the K!

Against my better judgment, thinking positive as I do, I said yes. Was straight to the point about our terms etc. Did the work urgently, late at night, even got my best girl on the job (who never works after hours or weekends - very rarely anyway). Sent my invoice the next morning with a deadline for “per their promise” - which meant little to me because of past experience. I invoiced for another item also “per their say-so”.

Hello…? Refused to pay for the “other item”, which was a very minimal standard fee. But that’s right, the other party tried to place a time, worth, and expectation on our product, service, and delivery - for the “other item”. My eyes only saw that portion, and I was instantly reminded of why I had “junked” this business a few years ago. My eyes have better things to read or look at, like AC/DC on my office wall!

What did I do about it?

Junked all their email and did not read it and have no intentions of doing so.

Why? What is the lesson here? I realise:

Some people are just not worthy of our business, time, talent, and expertise. We call the shots in our business, we know our product, service and delivery better than anyone else. “Cut your losses short and let your winners run”.

“Much appreciate your speedy work – a godsend to me to get these done fast” - Liz

To our Success!

Lenna K. Millar (Director)
Audio Transcription & Secretarial Services (ATS)

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