At the end of the day…

Business day results

What counts most at the end of your day? Are you at work? Are you at home? Wherever you are, how to conclude your day when it is done? Do you sit and ponder before you go to bed, or when you are in bed? Do you write in a journal or diary, or talk to a friend or family member about your day?

What matters the most?

Did you tick off all those things on your “to do” list, you know, the ones that have been there for days, weeks, months… dare I say it, years? do you feel like you have accomplished? Do you feel like a better person because of it? Do you feel like when tomorrow comes, you've gotta catch up on what you missed yesterday?

Do you regret the way you spoke to, or didn’t speak to, people through the day? Might have been someone on the road while driving, in a shop, at the bus stop, on the train - wherever? Are you satisfied with the way you handled a confrontation?

What is your “at the end of the day in business”? What matters most to you in business? How did you conduct yourself throughout the day? How did you treat your clients, your customers, that come to you for your product and service? Did you win them over or did you piss them off?

A lot of questions, but I can't stop typing right now; it just keeps coming out, hope it's going somewhere!

A fairly new customer sent work and we delivered in excess of their expected deadline; they noted before sending another bunch of work they have (near future), that they hadn't made a decision about it because they were comparing rates of different services: “You’re higher than most but (the kind of ‘but’ I don’t mind hearing!) you’ve done a great job.”

I took that as a fine compliment, whether they send the extra work to us or not (hope they do of course). I thanked my customer and said most of my colleagues are the same, or dearer and that our competitive rates worked for us and for our customers:

“At the end of the day, all that matters is that we deliver an excellent product and service, and that our customers are happy.”

What is your “At the end of the day…”?

Lenna K. Millar (Director)
Audio Transcription & Secretarial Services (ATS)

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