If you have been in business for a few years, you will have observed the “ebb and flow” of work coming in to your office, and work going out. At first you would have been elated with the “much work”, and then worried like heck when it appeared to decline, and slow down, more than you would like it to.

Pretty scary stuff: How am I gonna pay the bills? What about food on the table? The power will get cut off. I can't afford school fees. How am I gonna cope? Car rego and repairs are due. I’ll max out my credit card!

Constant worry and concern, especially if you're fairly new at it and don’t really understand the “ebb and flow”, or even the “weather forecast” for your business. I mean, I didn’t even know my business was going to become what it is today, I was just going with the fact that I gave up a government benefit for what appeared to me as “uncertainty”. Scary stuff.

So, what are you going to do in your downtimes? Stay down? Prepare for your ‘inevitable’ - failure?

I remember the night before I went off the benefit, I did not sleep a wink. I was worried about all of the above, and more. The worst of all really, was the fact that I would not be independent and self-sufficient; you know - make it on my own. Not feel like a failure.

Next morning, when I rose, I thought ‘That’s it, it’s done, what a relief!’ Now, get on with it!

Something had kicked in and got my “motor running”. I've had customers come back and say, “Thanks so much, you're a machine!”

It’s like that, you've gotta get moving and prepare for the next wave - it will come, nothing ever stays even-tide for long; the tide goes out, it comes in. It rains, it pours, it hails, it thunders. Be prepared for all conditions.

Downtimes are also a fantastic time for some R&R, if needed, to tick off a few more things on your ‘month’s old’ TO DO list! It’s a great time. Make the most of it, and be prepared. Don’t rest on your laurels. If you've got a dream in the pipework’s - wake up, snap out of it, and “get your motor running” - make it happen!

Lenna K. Millar (Director)
Audio Transcription & Secretarial Services (ATS)

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