On reflection...

What an incredible year 2018 was - past tense. We’re in the new now. We need to be thankful for what's been - all the difficult times, the pain, stress, and woes - and for all the good that we were surrounded with, and that happened.

Building a business is a grand experience, a wonderful journey - many twists and turns in the road, many highs and lows. Being aware of our weaknesses, and strengths - will set us on a path to victory and success. Being prepared to break all negative patterns, and change old habits, letting go of what needs to remain in the past - and now, embracing the new, right from day one. No let up, and no unnecessary delays.

Attack life with gusto, as they say - be mindful of who you are, your surroundings, and those in it that need guidance and assistance. I’ve read: “To let go, is to love more and to fear less”, love for oneself is the ultimate expression and acceptance of who we are, and it will reflect upon those that we interact with on a daily, regular basis - not just those closest to us, but to all we encounter in business, at home, and in our personal lives.

Business is about more than making money: that’s the icing on the cake! It’s about building, collaborating, engaging and interacting with, meeting customers - listening to them, understanding them, and finding out what they need and require of us. Understanding visions, goals, dreams, and how we as a service Provider, can assist them in the best possible way.

How can we make life better for them?

Pay attention to them this year in 2019, treat them like the kings and queens of your business, and don’t forget the GOLD - the gold is your team, the ones who do the mahi for you, the ones who receive high praise from our customers, the ones that keep the customers happy. Look after them, and they will take care of your customers.

Excel in all that you do this year. Be unafraid. Know where you have come from to this point, let go of what needs to be let go of in 2018, and enter the new year now as a new person with a new vision, new goals, new everything. Not wasting any time because of laziness, tired, stressed - not feeling like, I wanna do this and I've got big intentions of doing that this weekend - no, none of that. Actually do it, revive and stay alive!

I thank all I came into contact with in 2018, and I greet ALL with whom I will encounter this year 2019, let’s have some real, honest, meaningful collaborations - let’s get the work done, and lets trample on all things that are designed to hold us back. Say “NO”, and don’t be afraid to do so where it is called for. Your integrity is your best friend. Take care of it. Greet others with it.

Let the doors open and “Let the challenges begin!”

Kindest regards and daring wishes for 2019
Lenna K. Millar (ATS)

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