Transformation - total package!

The new year 2019, is off to a fantastic start. Expect it to get better, don’t wait for it to happen - make it happen for yourself,
if you do - others will catch the bug, and want to devour it!

2018 was gruelling in many ways - I look back at it right now, and it’s a blur across the screen. I see aspects of it and all I know is, it’s brought me to where I am today, and to where I am headed. I think it’s a blur because all the old has gone, it’s a new year, new beginnings, new creations, new happenings, different challenges!

I started walking 1st September 2018, and haven't missed a day since - I am PROUD to say. Going off track is easy to do, and I had for a longggg time, and for too long! Taking that first step came as a result of, “Geez, I’ve had enough of this: go off track, get back on, only to know that I will go off again!” It all seemed futile, and I had had enough.

Thanks to mentor, friend, and not-afraid-to-kick-my-Rse; I said, “How the heck am I going to get victory and keep it?” I’ve never in all my life been able to lose weight and keep it off, it ever alluded me, and was not for me - so I thought.
“Get walking, mate. Keep a food log, and check in every week,” (as I have been for years); so my mate said. That was it, I did it, and I have kept a food log every day since - and kept it honest. I take it into her, she prints it out, goes through it, we discuss if need be, and into a folder.

Coming from an intense (last) year of battle, struggle, busy at work, stress, breaking old habits and patterns, and looking for success to happen - change of mindset - it was insane. But, we got through, and I can't fathom, or believe what I have accomplished. It didn't come easy, it hurt.

I am down over two sizes in clothing, I am fitter, more energetic, can scoop both grandchildren up and over my shoulders - not both on the same shoulder! I am cleaning house daily - I used to avoid it like the plague, I am baking and cooking - oh my gosh! I spring cleaned toward end of last year to clear all the unwanted, don’t need, don’t use, gunk! I have created space.

My to-do list no longer drags on for days, weeks, months, and into a year! No, I action daily, regularly. My mindset and mind space is different. It sees more clearly. I can break old habits and smash those patterns that kept me in a bind.


A whole lot easier than before, my mind is free to succeed. I am free to succeed, I am free; and I dare to be Me!

Get out and get walking, or whatever you need to do to feel good, to feel fit, to see life differently - there's a lot out there, and it's yours for the taking. Doors will open, your mind will expand, your world will enlarge - you will be transformed.

Dare to succeed, dare to be You!

Lenna K. Millar (ATS)

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