Audio Transcription Pricing

Audio Transcription & Secretarial Services (ATS) is GST registered. Tax is zero rated for international customers. We offer competitive pricing with great discounts. We don’t do “cheap”, we believe “Price is what you pay, Value is what you get”. We don’t have to prove it, our customers say it all:

“Fast turnaround, accurate, and competitive with pricing” - Jo Bailey, PhD candidate - Western Sydney University.

We charge for our time, including assessments of all your recordings for fixed quotes - downloading x amount of recordings, converting them where required, processing, uploading/downloading, etc. It all takes time.

$50 per hour of transcription time
That is four (4) hours to transcribe one hour of clear audio and speech, intelligent verbatim, two people, standard format. Anything other than straight transcription will take longer. Please make your requirements clear when enquiring, or placing an order. We will provide you with an “estimate” quote, or a “fixed” one.

$75 per hour of transcription time - Medical and Legal
We charge per hour of our time for all work carried out, especially for lengthy dictations, recordings, documentation. At our discretion we will charge a fee for one-off/shorter dictations. We will advise upon receipt, and assessment of the same.

$75 per hour of transcription time - afterhours, weekends, public holidays
Often clients require us to work afterhours, weekends and public holiday periods; and often have very urgent requirements and we therefore fast-track their orders, to meet their deadlines. We are flexible and will juggle this end to meet your needs.

$75 per hour of transcription time - urgent, fast-track
We provide urgent, fast-tracked transcription services. Often clients require this service and are very appreciative of it.

Bulk Discounts

We offer bulk discounts for bulk orders. We are flexible and will provide tailor-made transcription services to suit your needs and budgetary requirements, regardless of the size of your order. Discuss with us when enquiring or placing an order.


We use Xero accounting software for all invoicing. Our terms are clear and deadline for payment will show on your invoice. All of our customers agree to terms when placing an order. Please discuss if you have any special requirements.

We require all relevant and correct information for invoicing: who the invoice is made out to, the correct and full address, email address invoice is sent to, order numbers, project names, anything that is required for this to be a smooth process.

“Speedy delivery requires speedy payment!”

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