Proofreading, Reviewing and Editing Services

proofreading and editing services

Have you got a manuscript, an essay, a document, a report, a review, a speech, anything that needs fine tuning? This is what we will do for you:

Please send us a copy of your work attached to an email/and or post. If it is a recorded transcript, provide us with the digital sound file. Upload here free. Make a prompt payment of invoice at completion of work.

We often get clients requesting our proofreading and editing services, to correct work done by another Provider, with lots of errors and chunks of text missing. We specialize in providing an accurate transcript. Send us the work and/or digital file and we will fine tune it.


Utilize our proofreading and reviewing services; send us your ads, letters, reports, short articles, discourses, dissertations (page by page section review), student assignments, anything written or spoken that needs to be fine-tuned. With an eye to detail and presentation we can do that. Simply email or post your work to us with clear instructions, or upload a sound file for us to work with.

With a wide variety of industries and subject matter, we will provide you with:

University candidates: We transcribe your interviews for research. We also provide a reviewing service where we highlight key themes (relative to key questions 1-3), and then we provide a written summary at the end of it. This requires our time, skill, and expertise to identify and highlight key themes from the transcript, and then to collate that information into a brief summary based on key questions relative to your task for research.

Oftentimes, university candidates have very strict requirements that they must adhere to for their research, and proofreading - we will assess whether it is a job that we can accept or not, and will advise of the same.

Writing a Book?

Book transcription services. We have transcribed books for over 2 years and we will transcribe your book using a 5x8, 6x9, 5.5 x 8.5 book template, set out professionally. We also proofread and edit the books if you require that. It is really easy to write your book using a book template. You are the aspiring author so give it a go and contact us today!

Our proofreading, editing and reviewing services will assist you to improve self evaluation; produce finely tuned, excellent and productive work assignments. Enable you to succeed in your business, achieve your goals; to gain great feedback and the outcomes you desire. Make money!

Utilize our excellent book transcription services!

Contact us now to discuss your needs!

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