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We receive a lot of email from potential applicants wanting to work for ATS. Some cut it, most don't. Some are keener than others, some are very determined and persevering, some are unsure of their own ability and want to give it a go; and some speak many words but do not follow through with action.

Transcription training is available in different parts of the country, and indeed around the globe. The pricing varies from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. I came across an online medical transcription course and was stunned to see a fee of $5000!

I am self-taught and my training and qualification is owning and running a transcription business, being an excellent transcriptionist, and over 30 years experience. I also have qualifications in train-the-trainer, and some teaching experience. I am passionate about this work and about women (and men if they want to do it) who want to learn and commit to this industry where individuals, companies, organizations, and businesses worldwide are requiring excellent transcription services.

I offer individualized training based on each individual's need. No it is not accredited, I am not affiliated with any funding bodies, but I am experienced; and that is what you need in this industry: skills, commitment, availability, excellence, can-do attitude, desire to succeed, fierce determination to overcome all obstacles, and ongoing support. You will have to meet criteria and prerequisites for transcription training. Here is what an ATS's trainee says:

“I looked for an opportunity to broaden my work skills, knowledge base and to earn an income working from home. I found ATS online, it looked professional, well thought-out, and a great place to learn more. I contacted Lenna, she has high standards and very particular about getting things right. She coached me, mentored me, and signed me up for work at the end of training. Its great, I do a variety of different work, and it fits into my busy lifestyle with family and other commitments. I would definitely recommend ATS - Transcription Training to anyone who wants to become proficient in this industry.” - Katrina

The following is an overview of what will be covered for training to be a transcriptionist (although not exhaustive):

I will not be selling you a manual to go through and study yourself, you will be taught and trained by a live person, and it will be hands-on. When you apply to ATS Transcription Training you will be sent an information/enrollment pack, and criteria to do this course. Not everyone will qualify.

Upon satisfactory completion of transcription services training you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion, and you will have the opportunity to apply to Audio Transcription & Secretarial Services (ATS) Apply. You will be welcomed on the team and work will be offered to you as it becomes available. We have an existing team but if volume permits you will be offered work. And of course, you are free to work for anybody, including yourself! We will provide support if required.

GOOD NEWS: It does not matter where you are in the world you can still do this training and benefit from it because it will provide you with excellent skills, knowledge and experience to assist you in finding transcription work anywhere in the world. It will also improve your personal and professional development which is a must in this industry.

Contact Lenna K. Millar (ATS) for further details.

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